Longing for the impossible

Longing for some sense of humanity or some some sort of understanding

This has influenced me to being infirmity this is very devastating

Is it because of my insecurity , somethings are very demoralizing

I just need a bit of sympathy , I don’t know how I’m feeling

I’m about to go lethargy , from all of this cheating

Just longing for some sort of happiness , or some sense of loving

This has influenced me to sadness , and hopeless building

This is very lethal it causing emptiness , in the heart

It like it being operated like a dealing , it breaking me apart

That everything has to have some sort unclear-ness

You have seen it killing , most silent murder it brings madness

A majority is chilling !

Author: Endangeredsoul

Book freak , cautious , fragile , hopeful , believer , loving , poetic

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