Just over a loud cry

I would be able to fly

Expecting not to die

Oh my oh my

Just over a long scream

I would be able to make the world dim

Expecting to be redeemed

Oh him oh him

Just over a tight clamp

I would be able to make my own ramp

Expecting to be a champ

Oh lamp oh lamp

Just over an endless night

I would be able to find my true knight

Expecting him to be inches taller in height

Oh might oh might

Just over a deep talk

I would be able to find my means and walk

Expecting to be thriving with the flock

Oh lock oh lock

There is nothing more to mock !

The love of poetry

Hmmm Poetry …

I shall go on the whole day on about it

While people found understand what poetry is about

It don’t take an adult to enjoy or understand

The various terms sometimes they twisted and turned like perm

Poetry is written for an intention

Like for a man to impress Isabella

Or just writing something to Cinderella , it’s said in acapella

Where you hear the rhymes in the background a bit of hums

But always idiomatic with facial expression , that are dramatic

A statement might consist of many panorama/scene/view

Get you in discussion with your mind

The illustration is something you , yourself shall find

Differ from the other

Poetry’s beauty , never to be tedious but thrilling

Sometimes poetry can take you on a fantasy

A flashing second is a century

Metonymy is used , not only to trick your mind or have you on thoughts

But to test your mentality diverse of evasion

or inspire you from the battles that has been fought

Assonance which does the same

Until intelligence came

Mmm poetry I shall go on the whole day

But most do it for fame !